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COVID-19 - How We Operate

by Vasiliki Spyropoulou |

Dear Friends,

All of us are going through difficult times as a result of the current health situation and the economic climate that prevails. Our thoughts are with all of you and your families around the world. We firmly believe that only through cooperation will we all find our way in this difficult time.

We are pleased to share with you the compliance with the applicable regulations regarding Covid-19, while fulfilling the orders, staying healthy and working from home. We all following strict hygiene protocols to ensure the health of our customers and our team.

We have taken the following steps:

  • The production team will complete orders from home
  • Guaranteed additional hand washing and diligent hand sanitization precautions
  • Thorough daily disinfection of all our workstations and tools
  • Scheduling of meetings with our suppliers and implementation of "teleconferences"
Thank you for your continued commitment.

Stay Safe!

Vasiliki Spyropoulou