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Evil Eye Necklace

by Vasiliki Spyropoulou |

The evil eye - first recorded in Mesopotamia about 5,000 years ago in clay pots - may actually have originated much earlier, even in the Paleolithic Age. We find this pattern in Jewish, Christian and Muslim cultures, as well as in Buddhist and Hindu societies.

The evil eye (evil eye or nazar or the Greek "mati") is a curse that is usually addressed to a person who does not know it. Jewelry and amulets created to protect against the evil eye are also often called "evil eyes".

Light blue: Color of the sky - symbolizes the truth and therefore provides immediate protection from the evil eye. So eye jewelry is usually blue or shades of blue.

There are two dominant design trends in design:

  • Oval shape that resembles the shape of the eye
  • Round shape¬†

Another important element before the final selection of the Eye Jewelry that haw to be chosen is the Carat of Gold. The higher we go in Carats, the higher the cost. Learn more about what carats are here.

Along with the Carats mentioned above, the Weight is an important element. The heavier the Jewelry, the more expensive it is. Watch out for the Chain, is it thin and discreet or thicker and more impressive? The Chain along with the Eye Charm should be in perfect harmony. If you prefer a Thin Chain, feel free to ask us. Each of our jewelry can be customized to your wishes.

Our suggestion
At almost every stage of human history, man has sought the help of magical objects called amulets to defy evil forces. Protection from the "evil eye" affects everyone: new babies, new businesses, and even new cars - whenever a "good luck" wish is required. How to get rid of someone's evil eye?

We suggest the Round Eye that you see in the main photo. It is a Gold Eye Charm with Gold Chain in either 14K or 18K. It has impressive Blue and White Zircons in circular flows.

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