TURQUOISE: The Stone of December


Each month has its own birthstone. The December birthstone is turquoise, which is a gorgeous blue-green stone with a rich history full of lore and legends. Turquoise has been around for centuries. In fact, it is one of the world’s oldest gemstones.

This gemstone’s name was derived from the French expression “pierre tourques,” which translates to “Turkish stone.” Based on this translation, it’s assumed that the first turquoise gemstones were discovered in Turkey. Ancient Persia (now Iran) was the traditional source for sky blue turquoise gemstones. This color is often called “Persian blue” today, regardless of its origin. The Sinai Peninsula in Egypt was also an important historical source of turquoise gems.

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The Legend of Turquoise

Native Americans and ancient Persians alike have abundant mentions of turquoise in their lore. For instance, the Apache tribe lived by the mantra that turquoise arrows or bows shoot true and ensure prosperous hunts.

Navajo Native Americans believed that turquoise would bring rich harvests in the form of rain, while ancient Persians believed that if you could see the reflection of a new moon on the surface of a turquoise stone, it would bring you great luck.

What’s the Meaning of the Turquoise Birthstone?

The turquoise birthstone is said to represent a host of positive personality traits, including happiness, honesty, and spirituality. It’s also said to represent strength, serenity, and creativity.

If you were born in December, then you have prosperity in your future, and potentially the chance for rebirth.

Traditional Turquoise Gifts

Have a loved one whose birthstone is turquoise, and looking for an appropriate gift? Turquoise makes a great gift for…

  • Wedding anniversaries
  • Reminding loved ones of positive virtues such as strength or creativity.

The best part is, turquoise jewelry is an inexpensive gemstone, which makes it easy to incorporate into both fashion and fine jewelry!

Whether you’re looking for a turquoise birthstone ring, earrings, bracelet, or necklace, there’s sure to be a great choice available for any occasion.

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The U.S. is now the world’s largest turquoise supplier. Nevada, New Mexico, California, and Colorado have produced turquoise, but Arizona leads in production by value, as well as quality. The stone’s popularity here makes it a staple in Native American jewelry.

Turquoise is found in arid regions where rainwater dissolves copper in the soil, forming colorful nodular deposits when it combines with aluminum and phosphorus. Copper contributes blue hues, while iron and chrome add a hint of green.

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