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How to Buy Material

  • Sterling Silver 925

    Sterling Silver 925 is an alloy made from 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent alloy. Alloy is the necessary composition of two (or more) elements of the periodic table.

  • Durability of Sterling Silver 925

    The reason that silver requires the synthesis of other metals is due to its nature, pure silver is soft. Adding other metals to silver increases its hardness, making it capable and durable for use in jewelry and at home.

    The result of this process also produces the signature of silver: bright, shiny and metallic. The only downside of this metal is that it can tarnish over time due to a natural chemical reaction that happens when it’s exposed to air. Luckily, sterling silver is a solid metal, so you can polish and clean it and have it looking just as good as when you first got it without worrying about removing the outer layers of precious metal.

    Conversely, metals that contain less than 92.5 percent silver are not silver, which is important to remember when buying silver jewelry.

  • Gold Fill

    A high quality layering that gives a combination of durable appearance and affordable price.

  • Durability of Gold Fill

    The outer layer of gold makes it extremely durable and safe for people with allergies or sensitive skin. It is a process that imparts multiple layers of gold on the core of the metal which is 925 silver resulting in a durable, quality gold product.

  • Colors of Gold Fill

    Gold Fill Jewelry does not mean pure (solid) gold. It is an alloy - a metal composition. Gold jewelry can be alloyed with silver, bronze, palladium, giving different gold colors. The most common gold colors are: yellow, white, rose.

  • Solid Gold

    As the word itself states, jewelry made of pure gold is made only of pure gold. Without exaggeration, it is the best level in terms of the material from which the jewelry is made. Not only is it hypoallergenic for most people, but the value of gold only goes up, which means it's a great investment and you can - whenever you want - sell it. Even if your jewelry gets some damage or gets old, you can get a significant portion of your money back just by its weight.

    The colors of Pure Gold are White and Yellow.

  • Carat (14K/18K) of Solid Gold

    The first thing you see when buying gold jewelry is the "K" carat sign. This sign will tell you how much gold your jewelry has. Fine, what does the word carat mean? 100% pure gold is marked as "24K". However, it is uncommon to find a "24K" mark on jewelry because pure gold is a soft metal and is very likely to get scratched. Gold - for this reason - is usually mixed with other metals to make it more durable. Most common type of gold has the "14K" sign. It means that 585 per 1000, or that the fourteen (14 out of 24) parts of weight is 24 carat gold and the rest (10 parts in 24) is an alloy.